Matthew michael

Senior Systems Analyst





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Tampa, FL










My interest in computers started as an enthusiast. In my early teens, I taught myself to make webpages and manage networks. I learned to be a self-starter and problem solver early on, frequently engineering my own solutions and implementing existing workarounds.


Outside of work I love to play drums and guitar, work on car projects, read science fiction, rebuild small engines, play cribbage and board games, as well as draw and paint.


Oakland Community College

Lansing Community College

Okemos Highschool


German, Music, Art, Linguistics




Account management

Service management

Customer communication



Novell CNA

ITIL Foundation


OT TeamSite/Livesite



Knowledge Exchange Administration


2021 - Present

Systems Analyst | Publix

Designed and built an internal ticketing system using MS Forms, Flow and Sharepoint. This is used for all internal requests to Weblogic Ops team. Work with Ansible playbooks to install product upgrades for ERx. Assist with overnight patching, and installs. Formalized internal documentation into Sharepoint wiki, and grew the knowledge base by 500%. Routine batch updates and installs for Development team into all lifecycles. Managed and implemented Kafka upgrade. Routine support using OneAgent and Splunk for investigation.


2007 - Present

Senior Cloud Support Engineer | OpenText

Scripting (log rotation, Ansible, healthchecks). Develop and provide monthly uptime/status/productivity reports per customer. WEM/WSM/TeamSite/LiveSite certifications. Software upgrade/deployment for Hosted Customers. Develop and maintain disaster recovery plans. Routine environment maintenance to support uptime in OT Cloud and AWS. On-call to provide five 9s up-time (Zabbix, Solarwinds, Pagerduty, NewRelic). Knowledge and usage of Kubernetes (kubectx, kubectl), ARGO, and Docker. Maintain deployments using GitLab.


Senior Application Support Engineer | OpenText

Supported Metastorm line of products including ProVision, Knowledge Exchange, Discovery, MBPM, and MIM. Team lead for installation and support using Tomcat/WebSphere/Weblogic support Java apps on Windows Server and Unix based systems (REHL, Solaris, SuSe, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS). SSO configuration / ASP.NET impersation /.NET integration. Lead setup and maintenance of SaaS implementations. Developed training materials for new hires and existing employees. Work with security facilities (State Dept, FBI, DoD, Army, USAF). QA building test cases and bug reproduction. On-call team lead for ProVision and Knowledge Exchange. Developed and maintained support portal and wiki for internal use. MS SQL and Oracle experience (backup, scripting performance testing). Support in German. Reporting using Crystal Reports and iHub.



Technical Support Representative | CoreComm

Provided support for Internet services including DSL, ISDN, VOIP, cable and dial-up across a broad platform of operating systems. Managed service calls and e-mails. Served as subject matter expert on all products and services. Supported other web-based products and services including e-mail (webmail, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Thunderbird, and Pegasus), proxies, and filters. Created department documentation for troubleshooting. Beta tested new services and software


Setup internal Wiki. Contributed to Confluence and MS Teams Wiki consistently. I maintain consistent communication with the management team, my immediate team, and the customer.


Lead the customer support team in transition from around the United States to a single location while keeping customer satisfaction high.


Available upon request.